Game Chef 2014: Palm and Pine

May 16, 2014

This post is the home for my entry in the 2014 edition of Game Chef: Palm and Pine


Palm and Pine is a card-based storygame about myth and the people who make it with rules that change in every scene creating near-infinite possibilities.

Also attached below is a collection of the ‘source’ files for the game, with the text of every card for participants with accessability issues, as well as the nanDeck script used to build the cards for people who are familiar with that tool and want to wrangle with margins get the last millimeter or so of alignment between front and back to match with their individual printers.


Reviewers official and unofficial may feel free to leave their feedback publicly as comments to this post.



The conflict and scene cards drew inspiration from pretty much every game I could remember and manage to condense some form of essence into the space of a card and the play of a single scene.  The names of those cards were chosen to nod to the specific source when possible.  Games Palm and Pine owes a debt to include Lexicon, Apocalypse World, Microscope, Deadlands, Kingdom, Everyone is John, Fiasco, and a Penny for My Thoughts, likely among many others.





Game Chef 2013: The Diamond-Studded Suit (And Other Lies)

May 23, 2013

Here is a post to hold the final draft of this year’s game.

Elevator Pitch:

The survivors of a once-great nation must traverse deep ruins to survive, and face the truth behind the lies they believe about their past.

Diamond-Studded (.doc format)


Diamond-Studded (tagged PDF)

Game Chef 2012:Another Day, Another Crisis Submitted Version

April 13, 2012

And here’s the finished (as finished as it’s going to be by the competition, anyhow) version.

As the Elevator Pitch goes, “Another Day, Another Crisis is a one-on-one roleplaying game of Bronze Age/Chrome Age superheroic action featuring a deckbuilding mechanic.”

Game Chef 2012: Another Day, Another Crisis, Second Draft

April 12, 2012

Note: This is an early draft; the final version of the game, completed Friday the 13th,  is in the next post on this blog.  Still working on getting the contest link corrected.

And here are the second draft of the rules and cards. (Discussion of this game as I write it is at this forge thread)



(Edit to update cards to non-[messed-up version)

Game Chef 2012: Another Day, Another Crisis cards

April 11, 2012

And here’s the first draft of the cards


Game Chef 2012: Another Day, another Crisis, draft zero

April 10, 2012

Working on my game. I’m at the ‘initial rules draft complete’ stage; need to do a lot of card work to get something more useful.


Baron Fel’s Vault (One Page Dungeon Contest 2012 Entry)

March 30, 2012

So, it’s One Page Dungeon Contest time again (and with Game Chef 2012 right around the corner I may well be more active here for at least a month or so.)

Anyhow, this post is about the OPD. My original inclination was to go for something pure old-school dungeon-like, but then I got caught by the idea of going with an entirely diegetic map and key. So from there I wound up with a guild of thieves’ scouting report on a particularly rich target; something that would hopefully inspire a Heist-style game session.


Game Chef 2011: Blood, Love, and Rhetoric, Submitted version

July 22, 2011

Here is the version of the game for submission.  The only changes from the last draft are centering fixes on the Counter Sheet.

A game of intrigue in the court of a Queen as capricious as she is beautiful, in which character sheets are sonnets composed during play.

Game Chef 2011: Blood, Love and Rhetoric, final? draft

July 21, 2011


A few rules tweaks and some formatting essentials later, here’s the first attempt at a final draft of this year’s game:


It’s a game of poetry and courtly intrigue where your character sheet is a Sonnet.

Game Chef 2011: Blood, Love and Rhetoric

July 19, 2011

I have a preliminary draft of my game for this year.