Tapping in, First Thoughts

All right then. I’m in for Game Chef 2009.  And, it seems as though I have a name for my game: Mappa Mundorum.  Map of the Worlds.  Sounds like Planetary Romance.  Not sure if it’ll be fantasy, clockpunk, steampunk, or dieselpunk in character just yet, but it certainly would seem to find use for Dividers, and a Star or two, and a Fleur-de-Lis and a Seabird or two might well find themselves making an appearance or two.  Intrigue seems inevitable.

Next question is what other medals to go for. My last design, We Die at Midnight in Little Game Chef would have qualified for the Al Gore award, and some of my other designs leaned toward that direction as well, so that’s not inconceivable.  Brevity?  Probably not, but we’ll see.  Cerberus?  Again, possible but not a given.  The rest of them seem even less likely, though.


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