Mappa Mundorum: More Early Thoughts

Now, I’m thinking a little bit about Mechanics.  I’m still strongly attracted to the idea of measuring distances on ship flight paths between planets with dividers as being a part of the game, but I’m still extremely uncertain how to generate such things, especially while having sufficiently curved paths to make the divider-use (and the different behavior with different settings on the things) interesting and non-trivial.  Some ideas here may end up moving closer to the Flatland award territory, actually.

On the other hand, I’m also strongly attracted to the idea of going utterly meta here and writing a game designed to be played on a group of blogs aggregated into an RSS feed.  Each Blog would represent a planet (or possibly a Great Power/large geographical region); each post would be an Incident, and play would then happen in the comments of each Incident.

Each player is taking the role of a major power’s spymaster when playing strategically on the Map, and one or more of their Agents during Incidents.  I’m leaning towards a GM-less system, with narration and scene-setting duties divided by Blog/Planet, and with the owner of each of these necessarily playing the Spymaster of some Power from a different Planet.  Going this way would make the Map-generation a computer programing exercise.  One that can be assumed and put off for a while as the rest of the system takes shape.  We shall also assume some pretty animated Dividers measuring things out when the system calls for that.

So, that sounds like quite a challenge: I need a conflict resolution mechanic that is workable over a comment thread without a judge.   I think some kind of auction system will work best, here, with enough resources to keep things interesting and multidimensional.


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