Mappa Mundorum: The Post of Lists

Time to do a little world-building and rules-rumination thorough list-making now.

List 1: Resources

Money.  The crudest form of currency used in influencing the outcome of an Incident.  All of the Powers have lots, but it is not convenient to safely ship it to other planets in huge quantities.

Secrets.  Much more subtle, but a limited resource, with little if any means of generating more tha n one starts with at the beginning of the game.

Time.  Only the party in control of the site of the Incident may bid Time during an Incident.

Magic.  I’m not sure that’s what it’ll be called, as this is an age of enlightenment, but let’s be serious: we have wooden ships flying between planets, reaching their destinations safely and in a matter of weeks.  Of course there’s magic in this setting.  Probably most conveniently collected in a couple of specific locations.

Luck. Our final resource.  I think that this one is gained during spaceflight, at least in the ‘default’ speed ships.

List 2: Planets

Horus.  The inner-most planet, moving swiftly in a tide-locked orbit around the sun.  Half a sea of molten rock, half a frozen tundra, with communities of mystics scattered along the barely-livable meridian.  A few trading outposts have been placed on this planet.

Astarte.  Under a thick atmosphere, a single continent crisscrossed with great lakes and wide rivers.  Dinosaurs trample its jungles, as to lizards who walk like men, the fallen remnants of a civilzation older than humanity.  Colonies of the Terran powers thrive in various parts of this world, as do some older human nations, including more than one strong matriarchy.

Earth.  The homeworld of humanity.  The year is 1744.  Space travel is about a generation old.  Things are a bit different than our history, as a result.  The slave trade, for example, no longer exists after the Martian War.

Baal.  The red planet.  In the Southern hemisphere is an old, powerful, and massively conservative civilization, one which defeated the Terran powers combined in the Martian War, extracting major concessions.  Terran ship design and strategy has improved to the point where they are now merely the strongest of the system’s great powers.  The Northern hemishere is a balkanized mess of smaller nations, many of which now have large contingents of ‘advisors’ from Terran Powers.

Osiris.  The hidden planet, difficult to locate in the band of asteroids and debris, closed to contact and trade save by rare invitation.  The mysterious inhabitants may be mere isolationists, or puppetmasters…

List Three: The Great Powers of Earth







Ottoman Turkey

Quin China (With strong support from the Undying Empire of Baal)

The Aztec Empire (Which has had powerful magic/’magic’ and fairly advanced weapons (firearms) techology for centuries, enabling them to repel Spanish invasion attempts soundly and establish dominance over South and Central America.  How this happened, considering that the Great Solar Storm was raging during that time and should have stopped outside powers from contacting them, is a setting mystery.)

Incidentally, I’m completely interested in receiving any and all comments anyone might have on this and the other Mappa Mundorum posts…



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