Mappa Mundorum: A quick take on Agents

A few more thoughts about Agents:

Each Player has 3 Agents.  The Agent character sheet will be fairly short: all they need is a Name, a Skill, and a preferred Resource.  The Skill is a single word (‘charm’, ‘strength’, ‘stealth’, ‘wit’, and so forth), and it may be bid like a Resource once per Incident.  The Agent can carry 1 unit of each resource except their preferred one, which they can carry 2 of.  At the start of the game, each Agent will have 1 Money and 1 Secrets.  Money can be added any time the Agent is on Earth, Magic any time the Agent is on Astarte, Luck any time the agent is on Osiris.  Any Resource can be traded for any Resource other than Secrets on Baal.  Magic or Luck can be trade for Secrets on Horus.

Agents can trade freely with one another, and a player can thus use one Agent to deliver Resources to another of their own Agents.

Agents get from Planet to Planet in Ships.  There’s a standard Ship, which is free, and three or four other Ships, which have costs in the various resources and which are faster (using wider dividers or additional steps per day on the Map.)  There may also be Ships that are slower but actually earn Luck or maybe also Magic in flight.

There may also be a space for “achievements” on the Agent sheet, which gets a line filled in at the end of each Indicent.  This might be pure flavor more than anything that ha a mechanical effect, though.

ETA: One more rule: if an Agent is alone on a Planet for (some length of time likely to be fulfilled, generally, only when other people are actively avoiding that Planet.  Or maybe a little shorter than that.), they get to do something fairly significant, probably getting a free victory point towards the player’s Agenda.


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