Mappa Mundorum: Incidents, Take One

Okay, now it’s time to start seriously developing mechanics for this game.  As I stated before, I’m going for the excessively meta- version of the Al Gore award and trying to write a game that is to be played in the same format that this Game Chef is using: a set of blogs collected into an RSS feed.  Each Blog represents one of the planets.  Each post is an Incident, which is resolved by the various players in the comments thread for that post.

Asterisks (*) indicate rules or numbers especially subject to tweaking for balance and fun.

An Incident is triggered whenever  Agents of three or more different players are present on a single planet.  (There are five planets, five players, and each player controls three* agents).  When that happens, theplayer who owns that planet’s blog narrates the incident.  The first thing that has to be done is designating a player as the controller of the incident’s site.  That player should be chosen as follows: (1) if there are players without agents on the planet, the controller should be one of them, and (2) if the incident narrator can choose a player other than themself while following (1), they must.

After choosing the site controller, the narrator narrates the beginning of a story about a potentially serious interplanetary incident, and posts it to the planet’s blog, and sets that post to a setting in which all comments are screened.  Each other player then adds a comment, anonymously, in which they briefly, in about one sentence, describe a possible outcome to the Incident.  [Each player in the game has an Agenda, hidden at the beginning of play, and Incidents that resolve in ways that fit their Agenda earn points toward winning the game.]  The narrator reads the outcomes.  If two of them are essentially the same,the narrator should subtly change one to make it distinguishable.  The narrator adds his own outcome, which should be  as different from the other four as can be managed, shuffles their order, and posts them as a single comment.  The narrator should then delete the original anonymous comments and turn off comment screening.

Next, we have a single round of positive bidding.  Each player with an agent present and the site controller may bid one of their resourcesin favor of one of the outcomes.  This should, of course, be fully narrated, describing how their Agent uses money, secrets, magic, or luck to support the outcome.  [Agents carry between 0 and 2 of each of these four resouces.  The site controller is given two of the resource produced on the planet, and has the option using time as a resource as well, although that may allow additional agents to reach the planet and interfere with the outcome.  One of the for normal resources is Trump on the planet, with it’s units counting as much as two of any other resource.*]  Bidding happens in any order, but each player only gets one positive bid. Players may always pass.

After the positive round, negative rounds start.  These work the same was as the positive round, except that people are bidding to eliminate a possible outcome.  A single resource can be used to eliminate an outcome without any positive bids on it, or to remove a positive bid from an outcome.  [A Trump can be used to eliminate two positive bids, to eliminate another Trump, or to eliminate an outcome with a single positive bid on it.  A normal resource can be used to turn a Trump positive bid into a normal positive bid.*]  Once a player has made a negative bid, they may not bid again until all of the playersable to bid in the Incident have bid or passed. (or until a pre-agreed time limit has passed.*).

Eventually, a single Outcome will remain.  The player who made the final bid then narrates this outcome in detail.  Comments are closed on the Incident, and all of the Agents who were involved in the Indicent must board a ship and leave the Planet, emarking for another planet.

Any comments from the peanut gallery?  Is there a peanut gallery out there?


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