Mappa Mundorum: Status Update

Work on the First Draft proceeds.  In paricular, I’ve written up the introduction, an Overview, the Background, the setup rules (apart from the online Agenda selection, since that’s not yet satisfactory), and the Map/Ship/Movement rules.   If I write more today, I’ll skip ahead and do at least one Planet writeup, changing gears to a mostly flavor section for a while.  I’ve got the five of them to do, plus the Incident rules, and then I’m mostly done.  (I may revisit the sample map, since I need to put some Great Solar Storms on it and that may inform some more interesting paths.)

Not much has changed, rules-wise, since the posts where they came up.  I have decided to rename the Magic Resource “Starlight”, which works better flavor-wise and lets me claim the last Ingredient, which was an odd one not to have in a pseudo-SF setting like this one anyhow, but didn’t feel comfortable claiming simply on the basis of the Sun being a fairly strong presence.  I like the flavor of the new name, anyhow.


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