Mappa Mundorum: The First Draft

Here is the first draft:


As always, comments or any sort are more than welcome, as, at this point, are volunteers to help playtesting…

(Edited to fix attachment)


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2 Responses to “Mappa Mundorum: The First Draft”

  1. mappamundorum Says:

    The link was messed up when I originally posted, and that version is currently combobulated, but if you’ve clicked through to this comment the correct one should be on your screen right now.

  2. doubleking Says:

    Jeff, quick note on the book. first, congrats! second, when you go back through for revisions, create some space between the two columns. right now they run next to each other and there should be a gap. Not only does it look cleaner but it helps the reader follow the information better.

    best, eric

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