Mappa Mundorum: Next Steps; Critique Exchanges

So, I’ve completed a fairly good first draft of the game, if I do say so my self.  What next?

Well, playtesting would be the obvious next step.  The problem here is that even if the software support for the online game were in place, I don’t see finishing a game in less than two months, let alone the two weeks before the next deadline in the online mode.  Which is not to say I’d be uninterested if volunteers were to materialize.  For the tabletop version, I don’t anticipate getting a group together for this in the two weeks either.

So, there’s working on the software, which I may end up doing, and aiming for, if there’s to be any resubmission, the 365 day deadline.


If this had been a more traditional Game Chef event, these two weeks would be the critiquing phase.  This is something that I’ve missed (apart from many admirable responses on my CW post and a couple of small comments elsewhere) this time around.  Even though it’s not official a part of the competition, there’s nothing to stop us, so…

Anyone wanting to exchange draft critique/reviews, drop a reply her, and I’ll take a look at your game and post some hopefully substantive comments while you do the same for mine. (For at the very least the first five in the unlikely event that response is overwhelming to this offer).  In previous years, I’ve tended to focus on mechanical issues (degenerate strategies, un-covered or counterintuitive corner cases, and the like.)


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