Mappa Mundorum: Map Generation, version 1

I’ve been doing a little noodling around with automated map generation, and I thought I’d share some early results:


Not exactly what I originally imagined, but on the way to usable at least.  (I’d want to add scales and keys of course.)

For the technically inclined, these paths are all cubic curves.  The start and end points are obvious, and the control points are randomly grabbed from a set of points consisting of the five planets, the sun, and points 180 degrees opposite the planets in their orbits.  The colors are a gradient between the two planets, reversed so that you can tell where you’re going from the start of a path.

So that’s a start.  For preference, I’d like to be able to automatically avoid the more boring, line-like paths, and then have a random subset follow more complicated paths (possibly comprised of two or more cubic curves, with the midpoints somewhere near a random third planet?)  Still, this is a lot better than I expected to have this soon.


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