Mappa Mundorum: Map Generation, Version 2

A bit more work, and some maps that are a bit better:


The first improvement to note is that I’ve put in the sun.  The second improvement is that there are fewer extremely flat curves.

The third change is noted by what you don’t see on this map, which is to say that you don’t see any paths that go through the sun.  This was the more difficult part to do, and there are still associated problems: sometimes, when planets are nearly opposite the sun, it may refuse to find a good path entirely and stall out.  I could make it abort and relocate the planets for this, but that’s not a good idea and the issue will only get worse when I put in the Great Solar Storm and (possibly) also exclude paths that collide with a third planet.  So what I’m leaning towards doing as changing the set of potential control points to not use the point 180 degrees across the orbit sbut instead the two points 120 degrees behind and ahead, and see if that freedom makes it easier for the system to find non-colliding curves.


One Response to “Mappa Mundorum: Map Generation, Version 2”

  1. noahtrammell Says:

    Hey, just so you know the game-reading thing is happening. I started a page at , so if you want to come over and see what’s happening we need a few more people. I’ll hopefully talk to you there.

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