Mappa Mundrorum: Update

Well, I finally beat the “avoid paths through the sun while not getting so many false positives that the program hangs” problem.  (Basically, by abandoning the java2d intersect tools and going straight to the math: walking down the parametric form of the curve and seeing if it collides.) Which is a substantial improvement but also an invisible one; the maps generated now aren’t much different from the last set.  (I did implement the change in control points I mentioned in the last post, and that does give me a nicer variety of curves, but not dramatically so.)

So now there’s a lot of cosmetic work to do: adding keys and scales, and getting the whole thing into a more usable application or applet.  Then I can start thinking about additional support for the online version (automated dividers-based path length measurements, something to keep track of the 15 agents, their resources, and the victory point totals, that sort of thing.)


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