Mappa Mundorum: Map Generation, version 3

Almost forgot that I needed to put in the Great Solar Storm, and keep paths from crossing it. So I did that, with results as seen in these maps:



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One Response to “Mappa Mundorum: Map Generation, version 3”

  1. Dave M Says:

    Your maps are hard for me to read. I wold suggest two minor changes to help in that regard
    1) Make the planet icons bigger. I know if the planets are close to each other in orbit, this may cause issues, but still, I think it would help. It might not hurt to label them either.
    2) make the path lines thicker. Sometimes it is hard for my eye to follow. Again, ther eis a lot going on here so it might not look as good as I imagine, but I wonder if it might help readability.

    Either way, these are the coolest game maps I have seen in a while.

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