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Changing Gears

October 5, 2009

So, with the main Game Chef event more-or-less over and the Combobulator theoretically about the close down for the year, I’m thinking less about game mechanics and mapping software and instead starting to focus on National Novel Writing Month moving forward.  And since right now I have no better inspiration than to use the worldbuilding from this game and write some long-form fiction in the setting, I may be blogging some of my progress here as well.

This makes sense: many of the ideas that went into thegame setting are ones I’d been toying with for years, either as a setting for a D&D campaign or as the background for a novel.  On their way to this game, though, they’ve underwent some interesting changes, most notably the application of Hite’s law, replacing the generic medievalish pseudoeurope homeworld with a slightly alternative 1744 Earth.  This has done some violence to the plots I had in mind way back then, so I’ll have to outline a completely new plot for it.  The protagonist I had in mind may be salvagable, though.