New Project: the Mosaic

Is anyone still reading this other than spambots?  Not sure, although the Combobulator appears to still be working, so there is that. At any rate, I’ve started working on a new worldbuilding project and thought it might be useful to present the ideas behind it as thoug h I were explaining it to someone else.

The inspiration for this comes from two places: first, a desire to do something with the “smallish community of modern-day people suddenly cut off from civilization” genre [S.M. Stirling’s Island in the Sea of Time, Stephen King’s Under the Dome, to name a couple.]   And second, my general like of ‘multiple-alternate-realities-mashed-together’ scenarios.  [I was never a fan of Rifts, because of Palladium rules, and the obvious runaway power escalations, but the basic idea was interesting.  But I’m more thinking of a couple of takes on the idea from Kenneth Hite, like the Halley’s comet mashup world suppressed transmission or the seven linked world setting in GURPS Weird War II.  Except that I want to turn it up to 11, with not seven or a dozen or so alternates but thousands of them.  Basically, the idea here is to stick one of them, centered around whatever subset of the SF Bay Area works best for story purposes, and use that surface area as more or less average to tile the whole map of Earth into (As it turns out) about 11,000 cells, each with a different alternate history represented.

So that’s the basic idea.  It presents a couple of interesting issues to pull on, especially when I add a few constraints on the internal logic of the situation.  (The first of these is that the cause for this state of affairs should be natural, which is to say not the result of intentional acts by any people or alien space bats.  The second is that the cell with the people from our timeline should be as non-special as possible while complying with the third constraint, which is that the cells be interesting and present a variety of ‘worlds’.)  It’s my intention to discuss those issues here over the next couple weeks while I sort them out.  There will probably be math involved, and possibly some programming as well.
Anyone out there whocan pass a Turing Test, feel free to stop by the comments and say ‘boo’ or whatnot, I’ll be glad to hear questions, reactions, ideas, objections, or whatnot…


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