So, at this point I’ve mad a lot of progress on the geometry/graphics part of the project.  Right now I can generate both of the types of polyhedra I need, with inside?() functions, and have intersected a few grids of them with planes and spheres and gotten the general sort of cross-section I want.  In doing so, I’ve learned that this is sufficiently computation-intensive that when I ramp up to the full Earth-sized honeycomb I am going to need to get fairly clever about cutting down the number of tests per map pixel.  But before that, I need to actually start generating Weaire-Phelan networks rather than loose grids of the two types of cells.  At any rate, I hope to have some map candidates to put up in about a week…which means that I need to start seriously thinking about what my ultimate criteria for the “home cell” should look like, about which more later.


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