Mosaic: Sample

So, the geometry programming task is more or less complete, and I’ve used it to drop a grid over a map from openstreetmap and show the sort of hing I’m talking about here:

Sample Mosiac Map

Click for full-size

So, it looks like my average cell sizes are approximately what they ought to be.  This particular map would leave me torn between the east-and-north bay region and the peninsula on to use as the prime cell.  Probably would pick the latter, but I’d still hate to lose Berkeley, and, of course, one of the basic requirements for me is that at least one bridge gets bisected.

More detail on selection criteria next week,m as I generate and select one of these things.

I will note, by the way, that my original estimates of how many cells there would be on the surface to get to this scenario were a bit low.  I had thought that about 5-10 thousand of them would show up, but in fact 147832 polyhedra pass the first level of testing for intersection.  (Their bounding boxes intersect the sphere.).  Now, not all of that many actually intersect the surface: about a third of the ones in the big map bounding box I generated actually made it to the map, for example, and that’s after another level of culling.  But I still expect at least an order of magnitude more cells than I expected.  Some of them may be smallish ones, where only a corner of the 3D cell nips the earth, like the little triangle between Alameda, Moraga, and San Leandro on this map.


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