Mosaic: Location (1)

Well, I’ve been spending a bit less time thinking about Mosaic this week in favor of Little Game Chef, but I thought that I would at least begin the discussion of the location chosen (SF bay area).  I’ve done a little of the research on the food situation, and it’s actually looking fairly good, with a reasonable amount of good farming available in most prospective cells.  Which means that I can keep a decent amount of some the larger cities and still not have mass starvation as part of the plot.  Which is good.  Running out of oil/gas is a far bigger short-term problem in this situation.

One of the good things, narrative-wise, about this area is that you get a lot of population and a surprisingly tiny military presence, but probably enough industry to gun up fairly quickly at need.  The presence of a lot of cutting-edge biotech companies will help a lot given the disease environment…
Speaking of disease, next post will discuss the immediate consequences of having the universe split into an infinite mesh of city-and-suburbs-sized polyhedra with divergent historical timelines.


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