Mosaic: Location (2)

So, continuing to search for a suitable map. Right now my main generation program has six ‘knobs’: an x,y,z displacement, in absolute coordinates, of the Polyhedral Honeycomb, and an alpha,beta,gamma (Euler coordinates) rotation for the planet, but in practice I’m only adjusting the latter one of thes, looking for a cell that suits my needs.  I want:

1) The Presidio to be included, because while I want the small military presence the area provides, I don’t want zero military whatsoever.

2) At least one bridge bisected, preferably but not necessarily the Golden Gate.

3)More than one of the larger cities at least partially present in the cell.

4) At least one largeish city bisected

5) No single municipal government clearly ‘in charge’ based on the geography and demography of the cell, and

6) A decent amount of farmland included
It takes an unfortunately long time to generate each map (10-20 minutes), which means finding something close enough to tweak into what I need is going to take a while.  Next up will be either success and the map, preliminary discussion of the alternate distribution problem’s solutions, or a Little Game Chef update, I think.


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