Mosaic: Location finalized

So I finally hit upon a set of numbers for the rotation of the Earth that gave me something very close to a perfect’prime cell’:

I get almost everything that I wanted.  I get San Francisco itself split, I get the Golden Gate bisected interestingly, I get plenty of productive farmland including the vineyards in Napa.  I only get part of the Presidio, which is not a thing since I was mistaken and that one is actually closed down, but I do get an interesting military presence in the form of Travis Air Force Base.  And, as icing on the cake, I get the thematically significantly-named Antioch, right on the outer border of the cell.

Which means it’s time to finish working out the distrbution, and setting up the neighboring cells.  Being entirely willing to fudge things in the near neighbors, I want a highly divergent but not completely alien city in the rest of San Francisco, in the pink cell to the southwest, and in the yellow one to the west of that will be a small fleet of viking-derived people expecting to find a completely different port, and probably sparcely populated neighbors on the other sides.  But I’ll see how things work out when I do have the distribution in hand.


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