Mosaic: Location Re-Finalized, Distribution thoughts

So, I’ve come up with another suitable location for the prime cell.  It’s a bit different that the original one, giving up in return for more of San Francisco and a slive of the  Peninsula, and losing the Golden Gate bridge bisection but getting one on the San Rafael-Richmond bridge.  Still have Travis and Antioch, though so we’re good.

I tried to get a map even further zoomed out, but openstreetmap will only give two decimal places in latitude/longitude at that scale, and I need 3 to make things line up sufficnetly well.  You can really see the ordered-ness of the structure at that level, especially with the colors I’m using now, which are dependent on the position in the8-cell repeating unit. When I get distribution down, I’ll change the colors to something based on what type of cell we’re gettin. At this point, the basic categories are “No Humans”, “Utterly Alien Humans”, “Recognizably Alien Humans (who share the same antiquity as our time line, that is), “Cultually recognizable non-technological timelines”, “Bombed out Wastelands”, “Profoundly Illiberal modern societies”,  and “Close parallels”.  The assumptions that lead to this are:

  • humanity is lucky to have surived the bottleneck roundabout mitochondrial eve’s time, and doesn’t in anything diverging earlier
  • the world’s major religions are apparently not the product of actual divine intervention and so don’t occur in anything diverging earlier than their founding
  • The industrial revolution was profoundly unlikely, and doesn’t happen in timelines that don’t resemble ours around the time that it did, for the most part.
  • Our timeline was surpassingly lucky to have seen nuclear weapons invented during the last throes of a world war.  If they’re invented any other time, their first use is much more widespread and the reaction to them is not that of a world profoundly tired of war, hence the wastelands.
  • The more frequent (which does not mean the same thing as more likely) outcome of the World Wars was a second round of fighting immediately with the soviets, leading to their domination of Europe and a considerably less prosperous and more illiberal America.)

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