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Mosaic: Distribution Continued

August 3, 2010

So, my first ‘guess’ at a Gamma function seems to have worked out fairly well.  For each epoch, numbering the ‘one to two years ago’ mark as 1 and increasing as we go further back in time (again, on a base-two logrithmic scale), the gamma value is 0.5^(1/epoch).  That gives me a distribution that I think I can live with, so now it’s time to import the distribution code over to the main mapping code and let it inform the numbers and output it’s detailed information as I run.  [A lot of this depends on turning random number generators into pseudorandom number generators, by giving them predictable seeds.]

The problem here is that we have a potential violation of the mediocrity principle in that “about 1 and a half years ago” will look like an extremely significant and unique time.  But I can live with that, and explain it away as part of the cause of this whole cosmological stew in the first place.  (Maybe that’s the time it took between the initial vacuum collapse event and the multiversal realignment or something.)