Game Chef 2010: A Trick of the Light

Here is a draft of “A Trick of the Light”, by 2010 Game Chef entry.  It may, in fact, be the final draft.

The introduction:

A Trick of the Light is a roleplaying game for four players. At least one of them is playing the role of a real person who traveled to the ruins at the center of the desert. The others may be real humans, ghosts of people who died along the way, or ancient spirits, good or evil, that have resided in the ruined city for generations. To pass the time as you wait for rescue, you have chosen to tell stories about the journey that led you here. As you tell and listen to these tales, you will slowly gain insights, about yourself and your companions. In the end, if you are real and alive, you will need to make a decision about who can be trusted. If you are a spirit, you will need to lead the living to a decision, good or bad depending on your nature. And if your are a ghost, you will need to name your killer, and hope to serve vengeance or support the innocent.




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