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Mystery of Godzina House (One Page Dungeon Contest 2011 Entry)

March 11, 2011

So, another contest is ongoing and for it I have an entry.  The contest is The One Page Dungeon Contest, which is, well, exactly what it says on the tin.


The germ of an idea that began my entry was using time travel to re-use a modest map several times, and then see just how far I could push the ideas of shorthand and compression in this kind of format.  The result is an adventure that would fit right in to most Doctor Who-inspired campaigns, and be usable in just about any game set on Earth in which adding time travel and a touch of mad science wouldn’t strain the genre boundaries too much. It would help for the party to be approximately as averse to initiating violence as your average Doctor Who character, but should work reasonably well even beyond those boundaries.

One of the other Entrants recently put up a post about an entry set in a group of rooms connected by teleporters, and, more generally, about viewing dungeons as directed graphs, which is fairly apropos to this dungeon.  I even happened to draw the directed graph of Godzina House’s temporal maze in the process of designing the thing.  It’s simple and fairly easy to see is inevitable given the constraints: with two entries and two exits at each node and no two-cycles anywhere, it looks like a  Star of David inside a hexagon.  Add in the entry point at 2011 and the exit at 63011 and you’ve got what was on my notes for this.  (There wasn’t enough space to actually put it on the page, and the table format is much more useful for a GM running the thing at any rate.

Here it is: mysteryofgodzina