Game Chef 2013: The Diamond-Studded Suit (And Other Lies)

Here is a post to hold the final draft of this year’s game.

Elevator Pitch:

The survivors of a once-great nation must traverse deep ruins to survive, and face the truth behind the lies they believe about their past.

Diamond-Studded (.doc format)


Diamond-Studded (tagged PDF)


3 Responses to “Game Chef 2013: The Diamond-Studded Suit (And Other Lies)”

  1. Bryan Hansel Says:

    Diamond Studded Suit

    Good use of the theme and the ingredients. I like the idea of finding out about cultural lies by digging for truths. I like how the characters have different aspects that could be used to generate stories. Having an end game makes the game stronger for me.

    I don’t think that there is enough setting for the players to determine the tribes name; just tell us what it is. Telling us not to rush through scenes seems like an excuse for not having a mechanic that makes up play out the things that are suggested to be played. Why does any character have to be a main character? Couldn’t you just drop the main character idea and whatever characters come up in each scene get played and killed off as needed. Maiming a main character doesn’t really do anything mechanically anyways.

  2. artexercise JOE-- Says:

    I like this a lot and wouldn’t mind giving the game a whirl, unfortunately I don’t have a gaming group and I don’t think RPOL would really capture the flavor…. maybe it would. Anyway, I like the tie in to a deck of cards, often cards are used incorrectly and are easily interchangeable with dice, but I think it works in this case. I also like oracle systems, and you’ve got one worked into this. This might be a case where a tarrochi deck might generate a bit more flavor.

    4 players seems restrictive, but I understand what you were doing there. I’d like to see a way to drop it to 3 players or expand it outward.

    The layout of the document was a little constricted, very dense. I’m really just being nitpicky there in critiquing that, but maybe that was a call about the accessibility restriction.

    While reading it wondered if there was any detriment to naming 1 or 2 centralized relationship targets, like everyone has something to do with the matriarch or half to matriarch and half to patriarch. Seems like with the relationships there is one thing missing, but I personally can’t quite put my finger on it.

    Better explanations would need to be necessary, i think, for elements and fate piles, and which cards on the table represent while elements. I had some confusion in that section. Confusion that might sort itself out in play, but just as a read through I was a little lost. I think the final paragraph on page 7 also needed a bit more explanation. And some more text for the first paragraph on page 4 to further explain or provide examples of relationships.

    And finally, is there a way to tie in Dangers and Rooms to the cards as well. Just to complete the random card deck experience.

    Basically I’m saying more more more. I want to see more. I felt drawn into the game and wanted to fill my brain with diamond studded suits and other lies. Basically I want you to construct the framework for another game I was working on so I can steal everything you have and then write your name in small characters at the end as influenced by. I like the game and I think you would have written more more more if not for that pesky 4000 word restriction. I hope you expand on this and create clarifications to the nth degree.

  3. mappamundorum Says:

    Thanks for the reviews.

    There’s no real reason this game couldn’t work online, with one player handing all of the card-manipulation. There’s no hidden information involved anywhere, and the character generation could easily be done in a google docs spreadsheet. (The ‘don’t get too far ahead/behind’ rule should still apply there.)

    Likewise, 3 and 5 player versions shouldn’t require too much work: just do 8 scenes or 5 scenes, respectively, skip the ‘final card to fate pile’ rule, and discard the extra 1 or two cards. (And some people get an extra card for character generation.)

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