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Game Chef 2014: Palm and Pine

May 16, 2014

This post is the home for my entry in the 2014 edition of Game Chef: Palm and Pine


Palm and Pine is a card-based storygame about myth and the people who make it with rules that change in every scene creating near-infinite possibilities.

Also attached below is a collection of the ‘source’ files for the game, with the text of every card for participants with accessability issues, as well as the nanDeck script used to build the cards for people who are familiar with that tool and want to wrangle with margins get the last millimeter or so of alignment between front and back to match with their individual printers.


Reviewers official and unofficial may feel free to leave their feedback publicly as comments to this post.



The conflict and scene cards drew inspiration from pretty much every game I could remember and manage to condense some form of essence into the space of a card and the play of a single scene.  The names of those cards were chosen to nod to the specific source when possible.  Games Palm and Pine owes a debt to include Lexicon, Apocalypse World, Microscope, Deadlands, Kingdom, Everyone is John, Fiasco, and a Penny for My Thoughts, likely among many others.