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Mappa Mundorum: Revised First Draft

September 14, 2009

This is the submitted version of the First Draft.


(Only a few changes from the Friday version.  Fixed a few typos, added an Agent sheet and expanded the Victory Points sheet,made it clear that Agent’s carrying capacities are 1, 2 for favored,  and added a brief boxout on narration duties and warning against blocking.  Also added a line separating the columns for ease of reading.  No rules or background changes.)


Mappa Mundorum: The First Draft

September 11, 2009

Here is the first draft:


As always, comments or any sort are more than welcome, as, at this point, are volunteers to help playtesting…

(Edited to fix attachment)

Brainstorming I

August 31, 2009

Some ideas:

Clockpunk setting, on a world that isclose enough to historical Earth to recognize.  Around the early 1700s, I think.

The main differences between this world and ours are that (1) all of the planets of the solar system are habitable.  (That is, the inner planets,  Maybe the moons of the Giants as well, if I need them.), and (2) There was a lost Space Age near the dawn of civilization, during which Egypt and Babylon, at the very least, esbtablished some colonies)

The enlightenment saw a renewed interest in these civilizations as well as the Greco-Roman romantacism in our timeline, and the techniques involved in interplanetary travel were rediscovered around that time.  Or possibly now is the end of a Great Solar Storm that prevented travel for the past few centuries. Or both.

So by now we have an age of imperialism and colonialism going on across the entire solar system.  And, notably, in both directions, as some of the off-Earth powersare quite advanced and interested in acheiving influence on the homeworld.  (I think that the Aztecs will have a powerful ally providing them medicine and arms, for example…)

Now, what exactly are the players doing in this world?  I think that this is a game of interplanetary intrigue; statecraft and spycraft carried out with slow-moving information.

So I’m probably talking all four ingredients, to some extent.  I like the idea of measruing out travel times on an map of orbits and transfer orbits with dividers as something the plaers actually do, even if I’m not sure how those maps will be generated.   Seabirds are the spaceships, which necessarily land and launch from oceans (or, where none are available, soft dunes and snowbanks for the landing.)  Fleur-de-Lis come along with France as a power in this era, and, of course, we have Stars a-plenty out in space